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For the past several months, I’ve mostly abstained from the use of social media.  I could blame it on Facebook – their carelessness with the personal information and data which I, and billions of other users, generate for them.  I could say that I’m tired of being used, sold and marketed to.  But that would be disingenuous.  As an actual matter of fact, I don’t much care what Facebook does with my data.  I’m not sure that I even consider it to be “my data” anymore once I’ve posted something.  No, my  lack of communication via social media (as well as more conventional methods on communication like mail, telephone and ravens) is more accurately attributable to laziness.  But, that’s neither here no there.  The point is, I worry that my writing skills – such as they are – will irreversibly atrophy if don’t start using them again on a regular basis.  To that end, I introduce you to “Tim’s personal privacy page.”

“What is Tim’s personal privacy page?” you ask.

A fair question.  The answer is, “I don’t know yet.”  What I can tell you is that I am not particularly interested in continuing to interact with an advertising platform with some social media capability – by that, I mean Facebook.  I can tell you that this website will never contain advertising.  And, I can make the solemn pledge that no information about visitors will ever be collected, shared, sold or used to influence an election.

So, thanks for stopping by!  I’ll post again tomorrow with some further explanation and updates regarding some recent life changes (most notably, switching careers).  If you want to follow my blog, click on the RSS feed link to subscribe.  If you don’t use an RSS feed reader, you may continue to follow me on Facebook as it will be updated, but only with links to new blog posts.  Take care!

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